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A little bit about us...
Mystery Break is not your average travel company. Co-founded in 2013 by avid travellers Barbara (from Spain) and James (from Australia) – their mission is to make travel a little more fun and a little more exciting.

Simply wanting to escape the daily grind of London for a couple of nights, Barbara and James were constantly frustrated by how difficult it was to find and book a good value packaged break to Europe. With literally hundreds of great destinations on their door step they weren’t too worried about where they went – they just wanted a great deal and a bit of fun. However, either prices were too expensive or flights were at the wrong times – or hotels had poor customer review ratings or were miles from the centre of town. So they decided to do something about it, and Mystery Break was born.

The founding ideal is to hunt out the best value travel deals and make them as easy as possible for people to buy. Mystery Break is also aiming to put a little more adventure back into travel – “we really like the idea of customers having to explore a destination and create their own unique experiences”.

The Mystery Break model
But how to get access to the best travel deals? It struck both Barbara and James that having empty flights from London and unused hotel rooms in Europe seems crazy when so many people are looking for a short escape. With prices getting more expensive the later you book, it was obvious that it was more profitable for airlines and hotels to follow this price model even with the waste. So the light bulb moment happened when they realised the real question was ‘how we can access spare flight and hotel inventory without cannibalising their existing profitable sales?’

The result after much hard thinking is Mystery Break – a fusion of ‘mystery flights’ (hugely popular in Australia in the 80’s and 90’s) and the more contemporary ‘secret hotels’. Based on the same models, because customers don’t find out where they’re going to the last minute, suppliers can sell their spare inventory at a reasonable price whilst still making their regular profitable sales. It’s win-win for them and for customers that aren’t too fussy about which fantastic European destination they’re sent to.

Where we want to go
We’re hoping we’re at the start of a very exciting journey. Our aim over the next year is to firstly expand to the rest of the UK, and then later to Europe. We’re also looking to introduce Mystery Break vouchers – we think they would make fantastic presents for special occasions. In the shorter term – we just want to make sure our customers enjoy their Mystery Breaks as much as possible and hopefully tell their friends about us.

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